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Holiday Meet and Greet The Paralegal Committee held its Holiday Meet and Greet Reception in November at E.R. Bradley’s where the group honored our county’s Judicial Assistants. (con’t from pg 11) The Florida Supreme Court has generally accepted changes in the evidence code made by the legislature and adopted them as procedural rules to obviate any argument that such change infringes on the rule making powers of the Court but in this case, the Florida Supreme Court had previously declined to adopt Florida Statute 90.702 to the extent is was procedural rather than substantive. In DeLisle, the Supreme Court holds that the adoption of the Daubert standard, as proposed by Florida Statute 90.702, violates the rule making powers of the Supreme Court and reaffirms that in Florida, the Daubert standard does not apply and the Frye standard, which has been the rule in Florida for many years, remains the test of the reliability of expert testimony. HOW TO DRAW MEDIA ATTENTION TO YOUR CASE presented by our Solo and Small Firm Committee W EDNESDAY , J ANUARY 16 Speaker: PAUL MUELLER Anchor/Reporter for CBS News 11:30 A . M . TO 1:00 P . M . B AR O FFICE , 1507 B ELVEDERE R OAD W EST P ALM B EACH Cost: $20.00 for PBCBA Members, includes lunch plus CLE Credit Attorneys who are not members $35.00 Online registration @ www.palmbeachbar.org (or) return this form to the Bar Price increases after 1/11/19 $20.00 includes plus cle credit Name from the Florida Bar Office along lunch, with your check. _________________________