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AS IO ACH CO BE SOCIAT PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION BULLE IN WWW.PALMBEACHBAR.ORG | OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Honoring Judge Nancy Perez Bench Bar 2019 Chairs Highlights for Bench Bar 2019 We are excited to introduce Bench Bar 2019. For over forty years, the judges and lawyers of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit and Palm Beach County have met at an annual conference to address pending issues in the Circuit, discuss evolutions in the law, and reconnect with colleagues. The Bench Bar Conference continues to serve as the largest gathering of Palm Beach County judges, attorneys, paralegals and staff, and offers a unique forum at A newly admitted attorney opens the doors to the courtroom. As she walks in, the which to discuss the pressing issues courtroom bailiff advises her to sign in on with the judiciary. the docket. She finds her name and signs the docket in the allotted space. Briefly sweeping the courtroom, she finds a seat in the front row. The case before the judge involves a pro se plaintiff. The judge, a small woman with salt and pepper hair is trying to set the case for trial. The plaintiff informs the judge that she requested documents from the defendant, but she had not received them. The judge inquired about the production of documents; the attorney did not have an answer. The attorney explained that he was covering the hearing for another and was not aware of the issue. In response, the judge admonished the attorney stating that anytime he appears in her courtroom he should be fully aware of what is going on in the case. Upon hearing that response, the young attorney sitting in the front row adjusted her posture and began reviewing her documents to ensure she was fully prepared to go before the judge. She did not want to appear disheveled or misinformed regarding the case she was presenting to this judge, Judge Nancy Perez. Since 1991, Judge Nancy Perez has enhanced the Palm Beach County bench (story continues on pg 10) Kate Woods and Matt Ocksrider This year, the Bench Bar Conference is on February 22, 2019 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. The theme is “Breaking Barriers and Sharing Solutions.” New Practice Areas: We are excited to announce that we have a few new (story continues on pg 9) | JANUARY 2019 Judicial Profile : Judge Sara Alijewicz Driven to help people and resolve disputes is what has fueled Sara Alijewicz’ legal career. Judge Sara Alijewicz has dedicated the majority of her 23-year legal career to public service. Most recently, for the last eight years she served as a General Magistrate for the Palm Beach County Courts. As a General Magistrate, Judge Alijewicz presided over thousands of hearings and trials covering a variety of matters. Before that, she served as a Supervising and Staff Attorney for the Palm Beach County Legal Aid Society for eleven years. In addition to her public service, she worked in private practice for four years in a general practice firm with an emphasis on family law. Judge Alijewicz received her Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University, and she her Bachelor of Science in Natural Science from Illinois Wesleyan. Before going to law school, she was a Medical Technologist licensed to practice in all areas in clinical (story continues on pg 9) President’s Message page 4 Judge Sara Alijewicz page 9 Honoring Judge Perez page 10