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PRESIDENT’S M e s s a g e “You’re Not Like Other Lawyers” Gregory P. Huber 2018-19 PBCBA President Through the years I’ve had people tell me I wasn’t like other lawyers and based on the unfortunate perception many people have of attorneys I assumed it was meant as some sort of compliment. Recently, I was talking to a friend of a friend and when he found out I was an attorney he said, “you’re not like other lawyers.” lawyers he was familiar with. Indeed, the vast majority are professional, courteous, work hard for their clients, and give back to their communities. I ended the conversation by thanking him for the “compliment” but telling him I actually wanted to be more like most of the other lawyers I have had a chance to meet in Palm Beach County. Purchase Your Discounted Movie Tickets Today! Unlike I had done in the past when I heard similar comments this time I decided to engage him in a conversation and ask what he meant. He made a few lawyer jokes highlighting some of the stereotypical characterizations that have frequently been associated with attorneys like: cut-throat, greedy, dishonest, sharks, etc. Obviously, this limited interaction is not going to change the perception of lawyers, but hopefully it made one person think twice before believing all the negative stereotypes about lawyers. Contact Eva Gray at 561.687.2800 I told him that I was sorry if he had met attorneys who were like that but let him know that was not my experience at all. Come to find out in talking with him further, he actually had very little real interaction with attorneys and was actually drawing mostly from lawyers portrayed on TV/movies and from apparent experiences people he knew had with attorneys. I acknowledged, like all professions, there will always be a few bad apples. I shared with him that in my role as the PBCBA’s President, I get to interact with all types of attorneys on a regular basis and almost without fail they couldn’t be further from the stereotypical TV/movie LEADING PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE 10% Discount for Bar Members PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 4