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Past Presidents The Bulletin Palm Beach County Bar Association M.D. CARMICHAEL* RAYMOND W ROYCE RICHARD P. ROBBINS* PETER VAN ANDEL L.R. BAKER* LARRY ALAN KLEIN Jessica Callow President HARRY A. JOHNSTON* THEODORE BABBITT GEORGE W. COLEMAN* JOHN F FLANIGAN J.C. FISHER**** SIDNEY A STUBBS JR. Carla Tharp Brown Executive Director MARSHALL B. WOOD* JOSEPH JOHN REITER E. HARRIS DREW*** JOHN B. MCCRACKEN* B.F. PATY* DAVID LOUIS ROTH JOSEPH S. WHITE* D. CULVER SMITH III HENRY P. LILIENTHAL* TIMOTHY W. GASKILL MANLEY P. CALDWELL* ARTHUR G. WROBLE WILBUR E. COOK* GUY C. HILL* W. MURRAY HAMNER* PATRICK J. CASEY RICHARD PRESCOTT* JAMES G. PRESSLY, JR. RUSSELL MORROW* PATRICK C. MASSA CULVER SMITH* STEVEN A. STINSON RAYMOND ALLEY* CARL M. MATHISON, JR.* C.Y. BYRD* ROBERT V. ROMANI* WILLARD UTLEY* MICHAEL P. WALSH C.H. ERNEST* JULIEANN RICO PAUL W. POTTER* MICHAEL A. VISCOMI WAREING T. MILLER* CAROL MCLEAN BREWER CHARLES B. FULTON***** JERALD S. BEER J. LEO CHAPMAN* JOHN G. WHITE III** ELWYN L. MIDDLETON* MICHAEL T. KRANZ H. ELMO ROBINSON* EDWARD DOWNEY J. STOCKTON BRYAN JR. SCOTT G. HAWKINS** HAROLD G. MAASS* AMY L. SMITH ROBERT F. CROMWELL* GREGORY W. COLEMAN** CHARLES H. WARWICK III* LISA S. SMALL PHILLIP D. ANDERSON* STANLEY D. KLETT, JR. FREDERICK CRANE PRIOR THEODORE J. LEOPOLD JAMES C. DOWNEY* MANUEL FARACH WILLIAM A FOSTER MEENU T. SASSER* ALAN F. BRACKETT* RICHARD D. SCHULER ROBERT D. TYLANDER* MICHELLE SUSKAUER** ROBERT MCK FOSTER* MICHAEL J. NAPOLEONE JOHN M. FARRELL* JOHN M. HOWE H. LAURENCE COOPER, JR.* ADAM T. RABIN OFFICERS: Jessica Callow, President Dean T. Xenick, President-Elect DIRECTORS: Lindsay Demmery Andrea Lewis Robert Lee McElroy IV Jean Marie Middleton Jack Rice Grasford W. Smith Scott B. Smith Julia Wyda Gregory P. Huber, Immediate Past President Scott B. Perry, YLS President Wayne Richter, NCS President Holly Gershon, Ex Officio South Palm Beach County Bar President ABA Delegate: David Miller, Jr. Florida Bar Board of Governors Members: Robin Bresky Gary S. Lesser Ronald P. Ponzoli Rosalyn “Sia” Baker-Barnes Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Members: Santo DiGangi, YLD President Stephanie Cagnet Sam Cohen Leslie Metz Masimba Mutamba Views and conclusions expressed in articles and advertisements here are those of the authors or advertisers and not necessarily those of the officers, directors, or staff of the Palm Beach County Bar Association. Further, the Palm Beach County Bar Association, its officers, directors and staff do not endorse any product or service advertised. Copy deadline is the first of the month preceding publication. The mission of the Palm Beach County Bar Association is to serve its members, foster professionalism and enhance the public’s understanding and awareness of the legal system. JOHN R. DAY* JILL G. WEISS JOHN L. BURNS* THEODORE S. KYPREOS HARRY ALLISON JOHNSTON II J. GRIER PRESSLY, III GAVIN LETTS* JOHN R. WHITTLES JAMES S. ROBINSON* ROSALYN SIA BAKER-BARNES CHARLES HENRY DAMSEL JR. GREGORY P. HUBER EDWARD D LEWIS* * DECEASED ** FLORIDA BAR PRESIDENT *** DECEASED, FLORIDA BAR PRESIDENT, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE **** DECEASED, FLORIDA BAR PRESIDENT ***** DECEASED, FLORIDA BAR PRESIDENT, FEDERAL COURT JUDGE Palm Beach Bar Association Bulletin P.O. Box 17726, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 561.687.2800 Director Carla Tharp Brown, Executive Director Editor Derek Loiseau Advertising Inquiries P.O. Box 17726, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 561.687.2800 [email protected] www.palmbeachbar.org S U M M A RY 3 PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE 4 NEW MEMBERS 4 BOARD MEETING ATTENDANCE 5 ADR CORNER 6 NEW FLAVORS OF ADR 7 RED MASS | LEGAL AID JUDGE MEENU SASSER CHILDREN'S EMERGENCY FUND 8 BANKRUPTCY CORNER 9 BUSINESS DIVORCES SEMINAR 10 CDI CELEBRATES 10 YEARS 11 COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT CORNER 12-13 DIVERSITY CORNER 14 MEMBER BENEFITS 15 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT 16 TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR 17 NATIONAL ADOPTION DAY BOOK AND BEAR DRIVE 18 NEW ATTORNEY BREAKFAST 20 PERSONAL INJURY CORNER 21 2019 WORKERS' COMPENSATION SEMINAR 22 PROBATE CORNER 24 PROFESSIONALISM CORNER 25 UPCOMING SEMINARS 26 REAL ESTATE CORNER 27 YOUNG LAWYERS SECTION 28 NORTH COUNTY SECTION 29-30 CLASSIFIEDS 31 CALENDAR OF EVENTS