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COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT CORNER Mediation Week and Conflict Resolution Day JEN KEATING IACOBUCCI To commemorate Mediation Week (Oct. 13- 19, 2019) and Conflict Resolution Day (Oct. 17, 2019), the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Palm Beach County Bar Association organized several activities to promote the use and value of mediation. These included a PBC high school essay contest with the theme "Win-Win Through Mediation." ADR Committee members W. Jay Hunston, Jr. and Alexander “Sandy” Myers generously sponsored the writing competition. The student essays were judged by Committee members (Ret.) Circuit Judge Lucy Chernow Brown, Maxwell Christiansen, Richard Lord, and Adam Myron, as follows: 1st Place Martin Blanca; 2d Place Karinne Mitchell; 3d Place Liam MacMahon; Honorable Mentions: Carlos Faure Cuevas, Lillian Paulitz, and Regina Goldson. Five honorees were students in (L-R) B Blitman, L Dool, T Anderson, C Faure Cuevas, M-A Farris, L MacMahon, M Blanca, Marie-Amalie Farris's AICE US history K Mitchell, H Paulk, L Paulitz, E Moore, J Middleton, J Marcus (not pictured R Goldson) AL class and one honoree in Tawney Anderson’s African history honors class at Wellington Community High School. The students were presented with certificates of achievement and cash prizes at a ceremony at Wellington Community High School on Oct. 31, 2019. Teacher Marie- Amalie Farris also received a cash prize. Jean Marie Middleton, PBCBA Director and Senior Attorney, PBC School District; Dr. Lori Dool, Secondary Social Studies Program Planner, PBC School District; Dr. Eric Moore and Henry Paulk, Asst. Principals; Marie- Amalie Farris and Tawny Anderson, teacher honorees; and Jeffrey Marcus and Bruce Blitman, Co-Chairs of the Mediation Week Essay Contest presided. A Review of Recently Issued Appellate Opinions December Committee Meeting Dates ADR Commitee Meeting December 6 ( 8 : 30 A. M . - 9 : 30 A. M .) PBCBA Bar Office Professionalism Committee Meeting December 11 ( 12 : 00 P. M . - 1 : 00 P. M .) PBCBA Bar Office Transaction Commitee Meeting December 18 ( 12 : 00 P. M . - 1 : 00 P. M .) PBCBA Bar Office Attending the November 7th seminar, A Review of Recently Issued Appellate Opinions, (front row l-r) Daniel Schwarz, Brandy Galler, Ben Eisenberg, Melanie Surber (Appellate Committee Co-Chairperson), Siobhan Shea and Kara Berard Rockenbach (session facilitator). Back row: Scott Zappolo and Samuel Walker. Join us for the next session on Thursday, December 5 for a brown bag lunch from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m at the 4th DCA. Register online at PalmBeachBar.org. PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 11