#PBCBAStayWell Staying healthy, keeping our practices moving, protecting our families and community and praying for people all over the world impacted by COVID-19 have become part of all of our daily lives. Though these are scary times, together we will get through this chapter in our history. Love, compassion, bravery, selfless acts, empathy and resolve are tools we all possess. We will use these tools together, as a Bar, to overcome this challenge. Please know that Bar leadership is working hard to ensure that you have the information and resources you need to continue practicing law through the duration of the pandemic. If there is anything The Palm Beach County Bar or The Florida Bar can do to help you, please contact me and my colleagues. #PBCBAStayWell All the best to you and your families, Ron Ponzoli, Esq. and Jazzy (a/k/a my furry counsel) PE time with grands make for a great break when working remotely! #PBCBAStayWell Jean Marie Middleton, Esq., PBCBA Director These recent weeks have added a little extra stress to each of us to be sure. From court closures, to administrative orders from different circuits, to law practices that must go on, to kids at home and virtual learning, life seems a bit more chaotic. Stay well by spending time with your family. Stay well by helping a friend or neighbor. It is truly rewarding. Stay well by sharing your joys and concerns with a trusted friend. Ask how they are doing. Stay well, friends! R. Wayne Richter, Esq. Life has changed dramatically for all of us. I’m working remotely (with lots of kid interruptions!), home-schooling three children and trying to stay sane! As we work through these challenging times, let’s all try to live in this moment, cherish the added time we have with our families, and continue to be proud of the great privilege we all have to be lawyers. #PBCBAStayWell Sia Baker Barnes, Esq. Past PBCBA President and Florida Bar Board of Governors