PBCBA BAR BULLETINS 0817 PB Bar Bully Sept PRINT - Page 11

Retirement of Judge Mary D’Ambrosio On Wednesday June 7, 2017 the PBCBA WC Practice Committee hosted a retirement Party for Judge Mary D’Ambrosio at Jardin who served almost 16 years as a Judge of Compensation Claims. There were over 100 attorneys in attendance! Judge D’Ambrosio and Attorney David Rigell Judge D’Ambrosio Retirement Party Attorney Nicole Hessen and Anne Destout Attorney George Kagan, Attorney Sandra Guzmon and Judge Thomas Hedler Attorney Judd Koenig, Judge Carol Stephenson and Attorney Eli Franks Judge D’Ambrosio, Judge Thomas Hedler and Carrie Cathy from MKRS September 2017 Judge Gregory Johnsen, Judge Carol Stephenson, Judge Mary D’Ambrosio and Judge Thomas Hedler Page 11