Paws Romana Volume IV Issue II - Page 9

BU On December 7th, the annual Classics Day - a conven- tion for Latin lovers across Massachusetts to gather and learn about Ancient Rome - was held at Boston University. Various workshops ran by students and Latin teachers were presented for JCLers to choose from, including (but not limited to) lectures about dramas, plays, and even the evolution of beekeeping. The first workshop I attended taught about the connec- tions between modern day sitcoms and Roman com- edies, including information about the works of the famous Roman comedian Titus Maccius Plautus. It was really fascinating to see the similarities present in popular TV shows - such as The Simpsons or I Love Lucy - that were identified and categorized into certain tropes within ancient comedic works. Many humorous clips were also shown to further the excitement of those attending. The second workshop I participated in was on recognition scenes in Greek tragedies, and was a very hands-on and exciting seminar to attend, as the audience was allowed to volunteer and act out scenes from famous plays such as Iphigenia in Tauris. Being able to read out and dramatize the literature provided made the class truly immersive, and most definitely lots of fun. Finally, once the workshops had concluded, a filling and tasty lunch was provided, along with the opportunity to watch the skit competition held amongst the schools attending. The skits, approximately two minutes long, were very cleverly planned out and entertaining, including various props and recent pop references. The friendly atmosphere and creative acts provided unforget- table memories of times with friends, fellow JCLers, and of course, Latin! As a partici- pant, I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at the event, and hope to be able to have equally wonderful experiences in future Classics Days. -Nadine Han, Class II 7