Paws Romana Volume IV Issue II - Page 3

1 JCLers Watch a Performance Mount Greylock MassJCL Kickoff Students Playing a Game BLS Students Sing the JCL Song BLS was the last place I expected to find myself at 6:00 AM in the morning. While most other students were in bed sleeping, I was thinking about the exciting day that was to come. Marshmallow catapults, engaging workshops, pumpkin painting, fast paced Certamen. Kickoff seemed to have something for everyone. Before I knew it, the fun I had been thinking about was now happening. General assembly was called to order and so officially marked the beginning of the MassJCL season. The voices of hundreds of students bellowed as we recited the words to the creed and song. As soon as General assembly ended, the festivities began. Workshops on what seemed like every topic imaginable were underway. Exciting rounds of half-certamen half-trivia questions had everybody laughing and enjoying them- selves. Artists, armed with paintbrushes, got to work creating pumpkin masterpieces. There was never a moment when I could not find some way to enjoy my time there. Not only were the activities memorable, but the beauty of the mountains was captivating. As I sat on a hill with my friends, I looked out at the mountains and was awestruck by the landscape. It’s not everyday that we have the chance of such an amazing day in an equally amazing location. Every year, Kickoff reasserts itself at the top of my list of favorite JCL events. Through and through, Kickoff was an amazing day full of friends and experiences. I am extremely grateful to have spent my last Kickoff with some of my closest friends, making memories that will last a lifetime. -Joshua Lomasney, Class I