Paws Romana Volume IV Issue II - Page 2

Table of Contents Yale Certamen 2017 BLS JCL took home big victories at the annual event in New Haven this year. Classics Day 2017 A quick look at the some of the lectures and the event itself Happy New Years!! A look at Roman holiday celebration in the winter months Kick Off 2017 Summary of the first Massachusetts wide event this year Dear Reader, Thank you for taking a look at the latest Paws Romana, the first of 2018. In this issue, take a peek at the multitude of articles about Classics Day, Yale certamen, Kickoff, and how the Romans celebrated the New Year! It is my goal and desire that this magazine serves as an insight into the goings-on of BLSJCL and all the success and fullfilment that we all enjoy. I hope you like this next edition and I wish you a happy New Year. -Nicholas Weiske, Class II Photo Creds-Ms. Moguel, Hanyi Wang, Jesse Hogan, Google Images,