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Happenings March pauza staff Skopje Film Festival 4 American Corner Opening - Stip April Evan Brengle, managing editor Jaime King, editor David Koch, editor Sarah Fazekas, layout and design editorial committee 8 Photo Club Skopje Goce Spasov, PC Safety & Security Coordinator Stephen Kutzy, PC Country Director Michael Radmann, Program & Training Officer May Opera Evenings - Skopje 31 50 Cent Concert Skopje June 4 Bob Dylan concert Skopje page 2 Pen Friend Exchange by Judith Hayek page 4 Corps logo, must adhere to certain editorial guidelines. These guidelines re- Unforgettable Moments as the Queen of England and Baba Zoom-Ba-La by Jim Carlin page 4 ??????? ?? ????? ??????? page 5 Momentous Occasions page 5 The 2009 National Essay Contest by Evan Brengle page 6 quire that all content in this magazine be in good taste, politically neutral and culturally sensitive. Content should not include profanity, advocate a specific religious belief, be insulting or slanderous, comprise the safety and security of any Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), nor give the impression that the author is writing on behalf of Peace Corps or the United States government. To ensure The 2009 Winners 13 Book Days Skopje submissions. article, please contact a member of the Editorial Staff. Submission deadlines will be announced. All submissions can be sent to [email protected]. Articles may be edited for length and content. always welcomes PCVs who would like to join our editorial staff. If you would like to help with Pauza, please contact a member of the editorial staff or e-mail at pauzamag@ 31 Memorial Day page 6 Viktorija Spasovska page 7 page 7 Pauza Online Issues of Pauza can be viewed electronically at Hidden Gems page 8 Traveling Questionnaire by Sarah Fazekas page 10 How Do You Stay Warm in Winter? page 10 Peace Corps MK League 2009 by Jordan Calhoun page 11 Beyond the Oro - Todorica 2010 All PCVs and Peace Corps staff are welcome to submit articles to be published in Pauza. If you are interested in writing an Pauza Aleksandra Mladenovi? Aleksandra Stojkovska that these guidelines are met, a committee made up of PCVs, Peace Corps Staff and Host Country Nationals (HCNs) will review articles for content. 20 Earth Day 9 Skopje Marathon features winter 2010 Happenings This publication, which bears the name of Peace Corps Macedonia and the Peace 4 Easter 10 Running for a Cause Half Marathon - Skopje Pauza editorial policy. 17 St. Patrick‚Äôs Day Cvetnici Folk Festival -Skopje 2 - pauza life and times in peace corps macedonia page 11 The Olympics Are Over and so Is Taco Turismo page 12 Recipes Chicken Cream Cheese Enchiladas page 13 by Katie Kalinowski by Sara Ray cover photo: Kristen Halseth from Conor and Kacey Molloy photos on back submitted by Kristen Halseth and Sarah Fazekas Peruvian Mezy Sauce from Charles Tinkler photos submitted by (in order of apperance) Judith Hayek, Kristen Halseth, Ellen Rhudy, Sarah Fazekas, Candice Wiggum, Justin Boutwell, Michael Erhartic, Laura Pontecore, Maggie Schneider, Sarah Fazekas, Scott Pinkster, Katie Kalinowski, Charles Tinkler, Sara Ray, Ali Bujanovich, James Carlin, Maggie Schneider, Matthew Tschabold, Ashley Dowd, Candice Wiggum, Kristen Halseth (3), Candice Wiggum page 13 Lives of Other PCVs: Dominican Republic by Ali Bujanovich page 14 Did You Know? by David Koch Friends and Neighbors page 14 page 15 winter 2010 - 3