Pauza Magazine Winter 2008 - Page 8

Things I Didn’t Know I Missed About Coffee Shops Until I Went Home: • Water – served in large glasses whenever you request it • People reading books • People working on their Macs • Music as background – as opposed to a conversational obstacle • No-smoking regulations that are honored and enforced • Eavesdropping (and understanding every word of the conversation) • Customer service – getting two free shots of espresso for commenting that my beverage tasted like hot chocolate, without asking for them or haggling with the server • Seventeen different coffee beverage selections in three different sizes with by Aryn Bloodworth four different kinds of milk and seven different add-ons Discovering America Abroad via the American Corner The American Corner program is sponsored worldwide by the U.S. Department of State. The purpose of the Corner is to provide free information to the public about the United States through books, magazines, CD-ROMs, and complimentary access to the Internet. There is a specialized area for information about anti-trafficking and anti-terrorism efforts. The Corners also host a wide variety of events including cultural programs and guest lectures from U.S. Embassy officials, Fulbright Scholars, and others, video showings, poetry readings, Readers’ Clubs, children’s story hour, English conversation groups, and many other activities. Albania •Tirana - National Library of Albania •Vlora •Kukes Bosnia and Herzegovina •Banja Luka - National and University Library •Bihac - Cantonal and University Library of Bihac •Mostar - Pavarotti Music Center •Sarajevo - Biblioteka Grada Sarajeva •Tuzla - Public & University Library •Zenica - Zanica Public Library Bulgaria •Plovdiv - University of Plovdiv “Paisiy Hilendarski” •Varna •Veliko Turnovo-Martin Luther King Jr. AC Croatia •Osijek - University Osijek •Rijeka - University Library Rijeka •Zadar - City Library •Zagreb-Public Library Bogdan Ogrizovic  - pauza Greece •Athens - Hellenic American Union •Corfu •Nea Philadephia-Library of Nea Philadelphia Cultural Center •Sparta-Sparta Public Central Library •Veria - Central Public Library •Xanthi-Municipal Library of the City of Xanthi Macedonia •Bitola – Center of Culture •Skopje - City Library Braka Miladinovci •Tetovo – House of Culture Bul Iliria nn Serbia and Montenegro •Belgrade - Belgrade City Library •Bujanovac - Vuk Karadzic Cultural Center •Kragujevac - Public Library “Vuk Karadzic” •Nis - City Hall of NIS and Nis Public Library •Novi Sad - American Corner Novi Sad •Vranje •Subotica Compiled by Deborah Knight