Pauza Magazine Winter 2008 - Page 3

life and times in peace corps macedonia pauza staff Aryn Bloodworth, managing editor David Whitford, editor Anne Schilling, editor Ben Long, layout and design editorial committee Aryn Bloodworth, PCV Goce Spasov, PC Safety and Security Coordinator Lucianne Phillips, PC Country Director editorial policy. This publication, which bears the name of Peace Corps Macedonia and the Peace Corps logo, must adhere to certain editorial guidelines. These guidelines require that all content in this magazine be in good taste, politically neutral and culturally sensitive. Content should not include profanity, advocate a specific religious belief, be insulting or slanderous, comprise the safety and security of any Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), nor give the impression that the author is writing on behalf of Peace Corps or the United States government. To ensure that these guidelines are met, a committee made up of PCVs, Peace Corps Staff and Host Country Nationals (HCNs) will review articles for content. submissions. All PCVs and Peace Corps staff are welcome to submit articles to be published in Pauza. If you are interested in writing an article, please contact a member of the Editorial Staff. Submission deadlines will be announced. All submissions can be sent to Articles may be edited for length and content. Pauza always welcomes PCVs who would like to join our editorial staff. If you would like to help with Pauza, please contact a member of the editorial staff or e-mail at pauzamag@gmail. com. cover photo: winter in Matka by Rachel Whitford photos submitted by Rachel Whitford, Jesus Villegas, Erin Gibbs, Karen Schaan, Margaret O’Hora, Sofia Harwell, Tara Trepanier, Anne Withers, David Fox, Todd Shealy, Katherine Peters, and Ben Long. Correction: In the last issue, we told you that the word for turkey in Macedonian was miris. Well, we were wrong. I learned this the hard way while trying to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. Turkey in Macedonia is misirka. Miris means odor or smell. This was completely my fault (with no help from the online dictionary), and I apologize if I caused any holiday related misunderstandings. – Ben Pauza winter 2008 features Human Rights and Discrimination: The Winners of the 2007 ELTAM and Peace Corps Essay Competition page 4 Snail Harvesting in Chaska page 6 by Dan Kearney Working Out Cultural Quirks in Macedonia by Aryn Bloodworth page 6 When a Care Package Contains Questionable Goodies: My Collection of Marshmallow Cream by Anne Withers page 7 Things I Didn’t Know I Missed About Coffee Shops Until page 8 I Went Home by Aryn Bloodworth Discovering America Abroad via the American Corner by Deborah Knight The Politics Of Correctness by Mark Ackerman Kings Throwing Stones by Vince Drader So I’m Not an Imperialist After All! by Tara Trepanier page 8 page 9 page 10 page 11 columns Happenings summer festivals, weddings, and more Travelogue travel stories from Belgrade and Budva from David Fox and Todd Shealy Vo Kujnata recipes from volunteers: easy Angliski muffins A Look at Life in… Peace Corps Uganda by Katherine Peters, PCV Uganda Picture Dictionary more new animals to learn page 2 page 12 page 13 page 14 page 15 winter 2008 -