Pauza Magazine Winter 2008 - Page 2

Happenings November 22 Volunteers, trainees and host family members celebrate Thanksgiving in Veles. January 13-15 The Vevchani Carnival brought in the Julian New Year with activities, performances, and a masked parade, continuing a tradition that has existed in this village for over 1400 years. February 5 Strumica held the Grand Opening of its Global Gradski Pazar, with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by President Branko Crvenkovski. The traditional outdoor pazar was relocated to numerous indoor stalls that offer typical pazar fare from produce to slippers along with numerous jewelry, clothing, home appliances shops, and a café. February 14 January 14 Stara Nova Godina in Mokrievo included traditional Stranchinarski Igri, and was attended by the citizens and mayors of Novo Selo, Vasilevo, and Bosilovo. Sveti Trifun marked the celebration of new wines in Negotino. Various wineries set out samples of young wines and prizes were awarded for wines soon-to-be-released to consumers. February 16 January 19 Lake Ohrid held the largest gathering for Epiphany, where Orthodox Christians jumped into the lake in search of a cross. Afterward, spectators and participants sipped toplo rakija for free all over the city.  - pauza Students from Nikola Kareb School in Kocani hosted a recycling event, which encouraged the recycling of PET plastic bottles. Many students participated in the obstacle course races and hundreds of bottles were brought to the school and then transferred to a recycling facility.