Pauza Magazine Winter 2008 - Page 14

A Look at Life in… Peace Corps Uganda by Katherine Peters, PCV Uganda I am currently in the Peace Corps in Uganda in the district of Kayunga. I have been here for about a year and I have a community health placement. I graduated with a degree in Nutritional Sciences, but my main work relates to HIV/AIDS. I run a youth center that offers HIV/AIDS care and a youth STD clinic. In the area of nutrition, I am working on a nutrition supplementation program for HIV patients. The area I live in is actually the main town of the district, but it is still extremely rural. The entire district is surrounded by water, so very little makes it up here. There is occasionally electricity in my town, maybe half the week, but no running water. I get my water from a nearby borehole. Anytime I go anywhere, the people all yell muzungu, which means white person. People also tend to want to touch my white skin or light hair and sometimes little kids scream at me as if I am the devil. Most people see very few white people and some have never seen any, so I tend to be an object of extreme interest. Before I came to Uganda, I read this book titled, In Search of the Elusive Peace Corps Moment, by Douglas Wells. It’s written by a man who served in the Peace Corps in Estonia. Throughout the book, he describes how he spent his time waiting for this moment to hit him when he would realize that he was in the Peace Corps. I don’t think he ever stumbled across the elusive moment, but I )??????????????????????????????????)$??????????!%X??????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????!%X????????????????????????????)]??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Q??????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????$?????????1???? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1???) ????????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????Q????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????Q???????????????)?????????????????????????????????$????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????????U????????]?????$???????????????????$???????)?????????????????????]??????????????$???????????)???Q$?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????$?????e??????????????????)=?????????$??????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????((?????????()????????-?????????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????)????%???????$?????????????????????????????$???)????????????????????U???????d???????????????????)?????????????????????????$??????????????????$?????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????$??????????????%??????????????????????????????)????????????????????$????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????A????? ????((0