Pauza Magazine Winter 2008 - Page 12

Travelogue Four Days in Belgrade by David Fox Belgrade [White City] was nearly destroyed after WWII and, during the time of Tito, it was rebuilt to look as it does today. Since the Socialist era, the town has been modern and has built up culture, museums, and interest groups that still function today. Our hostel was on the north end of the old city near the Kalemegdan Fortress. It’s worth it to go to the Military Museum, but at the same price, the Ethnographic Museum is only one room. Your choice. Expect to pay about 30-50 percent more since you are in one of the biggest cities of the Balkans. Belgrade is a nice change along the Danube River. Supposedly, there is a ferry tour of the river everyday for 2.50 euros, though we didn’t venture on the water. Another option when you arrive is to take a Whistle Stop Bus Tour by the major monuments so you can get your bearings. Number 41 is the route that makes a big square from near the fortress to the parliament building to the bombsites—be careful taking pictures from this area down to Tito’s grave and back up again. Kalemegden fortress in Belgrade The best thing you can do for yourself is to find an information booth, marked with the symbol i. Souvenirs are also reasonably priced here. Close to Republic Square is the Knez Mihailova walking and shopping district. We had dinner at the Orao Pizzarija to celebrate the end of the first day in Serbia. Turquoise Water and Sea Urchins: Exploring in Budva, Montenegro by Todd Shealy Getting to Budva is usually an overnight trip. You can take a bus from Skopje to Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital. From there you can catch one of the frequent buses to Budva. My friend and I stayed at the Hippo Hostel ( in August 2007. Other than a water restriction, our stay was typical of hostelling. The staff was friendly and recommended where to go and what to see. We spent a couple of afternoons on the beaches and spent some time walking the beach at Budva around the Budva Old City. If you have time, it’s possible to take one-day excursions to the cities of St. Steven and Kotor, and even Dubrovnik. We took a water taxi out to St. Steven, an island connected by a short jetty. From the docks at Budva, the ride was about 45 minutes. On this part of the Adriatic, the beaches themselves are a bit narrower, and the sand ranges from big grains to small stones. What you miss in terms of a “strand,” you make up for in the quality of water—clear and turquoise blue, amazing. For one of the beaches, we had to pay one euro to enter, but most are public. At St. Steven, there was a path overlooking a section where rocks descend to meet the sea. I just had to try the water. The rocks were a little sharp getting in, but I didn’t think much of it. The next day, however, I had some spots on the bottom of my right foot and it hurt all day. I realized I had stepped on a sea urchin. I know this because the next day when I was swimming with my goggles I saw urchins everywhere among the rocks. A little ibuprofen that night t ???6&R?b??7B?bF?R7vV???r?B????F?R7W'&V?7??????FV?Vw&??2F?RWW&??'WBF?W&R&RfWr?6W2F?W?6??vR???W?W?6WBf?"F?R????7B?ff?6R??v?B???rV?FRvV???7V???r?6VF??????VBv?F?F?R?GF?R6W&&???( ?fR?6?VBW??WfV??WB??RfV???rB??'W&vW"7F?Bv??6?B?Rv2g&??f???vP??V"vWfvV??????R??v?B?vRFRB&W7FW&?B?7F&?&V&"???Bf?6?W&????f?"RWW&?2vR?B?GFW"?bf?W"F?ffW&V?Bf?6???6?VB?FF?W2??@?fVvWF&?W>( GF???V6?f??Bf?"Gv?V??R?F?R&W7FW&?Bv2gV????B?6?V?B6VRF?R6?Vb6?V???rf?6???F?R??F6?V?6?????r?Bv2g&W6???'VGf?ffW'2?V?G??b&'2?&W7FW&?G2??BF?66?22vV????F?R?7BgFW&????F?W&R??v2???rV?FW"?V?'&V??G'???rF?&VB??B?F?W'v?6R?W7BV??????r??7BF???????VBW?B??F?6VB?6?W?R6???r&?WB6??R?V?6??'2?B?V?'&V????F??Vv?BF??6V?b?F?B????2??RvV?&v???&&&W"g&???Vv?F????vV??&?WB???WFR?FW"?vV?&v?6?R?fW"?B6?B?V??????R?WfW"???rv?????^( ?&Rv???rF?6VRv?V?G&fV??r??F??26???v?&?B??"?W????