Pathways to the Prize, District Winner - Page 31

Collaboration 8. The most effective teachers in Hamblen County continually seek feedback to improve their instruction. a. Think about what great teaching looks like in your district. What system is in place for sharing best practices among teachers in your district? b. How do teachers collaborate in your district? What formal or informal structures are in place to support collaboration? c. What does student collaboration look like in your district? What opportunities are provided for students to work and learn together? Data 9. Hamblen County Schools places a large emphasis on comprehensive analysis of data to inform everything from instructional practice to intervention strategies. a. How does your district use data? How does district leadership encourage and support schools to use data? In what ways does your district share data with different stakeholders? b. Is there a district-wide strategy for using data in your school system? What kind of training do educators—both teachers and leaders—receive to strengthen their understanding and use of data? c. How do school leaders use data to inform the goals they set for their schools? How could they improve upon this process of collecting and analyzing data? d. How do teachers use data in the classroom? In what ways could your school/district better support data use? Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2012 SCORE Prize District Winner 30