Pathways to the Prize, District Winner - Page 23

In addition to the instructional coaches, teachers have access to the three Common Core math coaches from the district. These trainers, effective teachers who were selected by the state to receive intensive training on Common Core standards, offer after-school assistance and workshops to any interested teacher and administrator. Last year, they began training district teachers on the constructed response scoring system the state is implementing in preparation for new assessments in 2014-15. Novice teachers. New teachers participate in a comprehensive induction and training program that includes learning about the state’s new teacher evaluation system, “Thoughtful Classroom Strategies,” and “Quality Instructional Practices.” The thoughtful classroom practices are based on the work of Silver, Strong, and Associates who in turn based their work on books by Robert Marzano. The thoughtful classroom approach focuses on identifying academic skills used in successful schools and includes: • Vocabulary CODE, a method of vocabulary instruction that helps students connect with the vocabulary terms, understand new words and their connections to words they already know, and practice using the word; “Word Works: Cracking Vocabulary’s CODE” http:/ / downloads/2012/Vocabularys_Code.pdf “The teachers are always there for you.” • Task rotation, a method of student assessment drawing on questions from four learning styles: mastery, understanding, interpersonal, and s V