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• At Meadowview Middle School, all students participate in extended learning time to acquire additional skills in mathematics and reading/language arts, mostly focused on grammar standards. • At West View Middle School, extended skills classes are also offered, providing students with an extra 12 weeks of mathematics instruction in their leveled math groups. High school teachers have also been trained in the Capturing Kids’ Hearts approach. Through the training, they learned how to develop a safe, trusting, self-managing classroom environment, build students’ motivation and responsibility for their actions, decrease delinquent behaviors, reinforce emotional intelligence, and develop students’ empathy for diverse cultures and backgrounds. Programs for English language learners. Hamblen County teachers use the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol for teaching content to English language learners. This protocol enables teachers to help these students develop English fluency and master skills in multiple content areas within the regular classroom setting in addition to pull-out programs. The program requires teachers to provide varied methods of instruction to help students with meaning-making, including visual and Video: “Supporting English Language Learners” (2:47) http:/ / district-2012.php kinesthetic activities. A summer school program is also offered to the most at-risk English language learner students to address literacy and math skills. Transportation is provided through a partnership with Douglas Cherokee Economic Authority. This partnership also operates several after school programs aimed at developing 21st century skills. International Center for Newcomers. The district also offers a Newcomers’ Program, funded in partnership with the Niswonger Foundation, Walters State Community College, the county government, Morristown city government, Jefferson Federal Charitable Foundation, Mahle Inc., and Garcia Labor, to help English language learners acclimate to the 17 Pathways to the Prize Lessons from the 2012 SCORE Prize District Winner district. Teachers at the Center provide sheltered instruction in economics, U.S. government, geography, and other high school core content courses. Students attending these classes can receive credits toward their high school diploma as they are learning English. Inclusion of students with disabilities. All Hamblen schools provide inclusion for students with disabilities, meaning that, to the extent possible, they serve the students in the classrooms rather than through pull-out programs. Classroom teachers have become more attuned to the learning styles of the students identified for special education and place more emphasis on interpersonal learning. One challenge the district has addressed is how to help students with disabilities pass the Algebra I End-of-Course exam and thus become qualified for a regular high school diploma. Using funds from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B discretionary grant, the district developed a math boot camp for special education teachers. The goal of the boot camp is to help teachers gain the knowledge and skills they need to support students in a course that many fail. The two-week boot camp is led by a certified algebra teacher. Last year, four special education teachers attended and then became algebra mentors to their students. While results are not yet known, the district anticipates that the teachers will help the students gain confidence, develop skills, and improve performance on End-of-Course exams. “Materializing the Promise of Sheltered Instruction” http:/ / downloads/2012/Materializing_the_ Promise_of_Sheltered_Instruction.pdf Cultivating strong leaders For the past 11 years, Superintendent Dr. Dale Lynch has provided leadership to Hamblen County Schools. Dr. Lynch is a strong leader who is ex-