Pathways Issue 5: Research to Combat COVID-19 | Page 5

When COVID-19 emerged , the UBC Faculty of Medicine mobilized a rapid response to the outbreak , embarking on a new age of collaborative research-based health care .

Today , through unprecedented local and global collaboration , we are combining skills across domains , establishing innovative partnerships and accelerating discoveries to translate research to health care in real-time .
In this special edition of Pathways , you will discover how an extraordinary group of UBC researchers — ranging from geneticists to infectious disease experts — are drawing closer to treatment breakthroughs that will improve the way we care for patients affected by the novel coronavirus at each stage of disease progression . While the quest for a vaccine continues , we are learning from the data to develop new treatment methods and drug therapies that will save lives .
Explore how UBC researchers , including Dr . Lakshmi Yatham , are taking a deep look at the psychological toll on individuals and families — from managing fears of contracting the virus and coping with physical distancing to understanding and mitigating its effects on our mental health and well-being .
And see how UBC researchers like Drs . Danuta Skowronski and David Patrick are helping to track and forecast the spread and impact of COVID-19 throughout British Columbia using multiple streams of data . These robust models are being used on an ongoing basis to inform public health decisions and policies that affect the health of everyone . instagra laura _ elle _ design instagra _ joshua _ kinston
Together , we will combat COVID-19 and improve health for patients and communities here in B . C . and around the world .
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