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of St. Andrews

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Paul Clivio —

Director of Golf

Golf & Fitness “The Perfect Fit”. St. Andrews commitment to stressing the importance of fitness and how it relates to improving the members’ golf game is really paying off. The club has seen significant improvement in the golf swing of those members who embraced this philosophy; primarily in their ability to make a better turn from building a stronger core. The fitness practices the club encourages include assisted stretching through Gyrotonic®, Pilates® and Yoga, all of which are offered on site in the St. Andrews Country Club Fitness Center. Any one of these fitness practices helps to prevent injuries and aids members’ ability to play longer and better.

As a club that embraces and encourages health and wellness, Paul Clivio works closely with the Executive Chef on golf events to ensure healthier options are offered while still offering the traditional member favorites. Paul and his team work closely with the clubs’ 25+ personal trainers by providing them with insight on what areas a member needs to work on to improve their enjoyment of playing golf.


Paul Clivio joined the St. Andrews Team 23 years ago in the bag room, leaving behind a successful career in the plastics industry to pursue his passion for golf instruction. In 2012 he was promoted to Director of Golf and will soon be named as the president of the SE Florida Chapter of the PGA.

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While the members may not see or know about our efforts to better their health, wellness and golf behind the scenes, they definitely see the videos and articles we produce showing them how I personally use these fitness practices to improve my own golf swing.

Paul and his team begin the member orientation process with an extensive questionnaire that helps to better understand the members interests and capabilities and continues that commitment

with a wide variety of tools

and collaboration from other departments. Congratulations

Paul you are an inspiration to

your peers.