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Marty Miller — Director of Fitness

Marty is always looking to find the most recent and applicable evidence based science in order to create new fitness trends in order to provide his staff and membership experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. Marty travels and lectures throughout the country teaching other fitness and healthcare professionals the newest trends in the industry. Marty is helping to lead the way in one of the most exciting fitness trends in recent years. Cognitive training

Research has shown how valuable combining exercise and cognitive games, and mental stimulation is in order to keep the brain functioning at optimal levels

as we age. These programs will be the gold standard within

the fitness industry in the

years to come.

Since joining Mizner, Marty has quadrupled top-line revenues and reduced the fitness center operating loss, all without adding any square footage or new fitness equipment. Marty

is intimately involved in the design, equipment selection, layout and staffing of the new fitness/wellness center as shown in the video. It is a pleasure to recognize Marty

for his unrelenting pursuit of excellence and for his willingness to share his insights with industry associations and fitness professionals.


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Marty Miller is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) health and fitness educator with more than 20 years experience in sports medicine, performance enhancement and injury prevention. His academic credentials include a BS in Sports Medicine and Physical Education, a MS in Exercise Science & Injury Prevention Doctorate in Health Sciences. Marty has worked for Ballenisles, Woodfield, Montreal Expos and the New York Yankees.

Marty Miller

of Mizner Country Club

Delray Beach, FL