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Brian Wesley of TALGRACE Marketing



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Brian WEsley — Sales Director-Talgrace Mobile Media

For years Talgrace Marketing has helped private clubs streamline their communication efforts through developing branded custom apps. We heard time and time again from General Managers that communication to the membership (and staff) is always a hot button topic and their app plays a vital role in improving the speed and quality of communication.

Over the last couple of years our club clients have also made us aware that communication to staff is often an issue. Within the service industry a small percentage of the overall employee base has daily access to a computer. This makes email communication very ineffective, especially

as it relates to timeliness. Employees are also often at a loss of where

to go to access important information such as benefits info, training documents, etc.. Thus, the introduction of the employee engagement app!

The latest statistics show that 90% of time spent on a smartphone is spent within apps. This is how the general population is now accustomed to consuming information. The employee engagement app gives your employees access to information where they will always be able to find it. It also engages them on a whole new level with push notifications which allows you to reach them instantly with urgent news, reminders and morale boosters! Also, since you have their attention you can also deliver health and wellness information to contribute to a happier and healthier workplace.

Congratulations Brian Wesley and the Talgrace team for all you do to help improve the communication between the club and the members and staff.

To learn more about how an employee app can improve your club’s internal communication please reach out to me for a demonstration.


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Brian has been the Director of Sales at Talgrace Mobile Media for 6 years. He is responsible for developing new markets for Talgrace Custom Apps and keeping up with the ever-changing technology surrounding apps and communication.