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Pamela Rudd —

Business Development Manager

Real estate and memberships sales are the best they have ever been and some of the success can be attributed to the community outreach efforts, spearheaded by Pamela Rudd. Frenchman’s has always been philanthropic and a major contributor to the local community, i.e. Juno Beach, but it was never about the publicity or the recognition.

The tide turned when Pamela was given the green-light to spearhead a campaign that included an earned media strategy that featured the great things the club and it’s staff were doing in the community. As an active member of the Juno Beach Civic Association, Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club participated in or contributed to the following community outreach efforts:

• All creative work and editing for the Juno Beach town historical film Beach Clean-Up community event with the JBCA-to date over 1,000 pounds of trash removed from beach. Beach clean-up event breakfast and all giveaway items compliments of FCCC

All B roll filming provided to the town of Juno Beach – 57 hours of filming and 40 hours of revisions/editing

• Town of Juno Beach iconic film –all production compliments of FCCC

Lifesaving equipment donation to the fire department compliments of FCCC

• Photo/video services for 8 JBCA events such as the parade, Oktoberfest, July 4th.

• JBCA member appreciation breakfast-host FCCC

• Tables, linen, utensils, glassware provided to JBCA for many different events

JBCA Holiday Dinner – FCCC host

Congratulations Pamela, your efforts are paying off and will inspire others to get more involved in their respective communities.




Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Master award

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Pamela Rudd is an award- winning marketing

and management professional. In 2001

she was nominated

for Outstanding Achievement—Women of the Workplace Award. In 2003 she received a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze ADDY Award from the American Advertising Association. Pamela is a recognized leader in the commercial real estate industry

and has served on the boards of a number

of organizations and charities, including Friends of the Bandshell and Ocean Walk Village Alliance.