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Tammy Mugavero

of bonita bay club

Bonita bay, FL

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tammy mugavero —

director of fitness

The journey to a bigger and better Fitness Center started on the same path as most other clubs when they are looking to renovate or expand, but early on Bonita Bay had several opportunities that made it possible to create what is now the Lifestyle Center.

Tammy spearheaded an initiative to brand the wellness program and create a road map to drive the culture of wellness. The goal was to hit all of the components of wellness, fitness and movement, nutrition, and mental and emotional health through lectures, classes, workshops and services provided in-house or through a partnerships in the community and in the Lifestyle Center with Physical Therapy and Integrative Medicine.

Tammy adapted an image that she saw in the cafeteria at the Technogym Wellness Village in Italy, which has become the cornerstone of the clubs WAVE brand (Wellness and Vitality Enrichment).

WAVE and the triangle encourages and reminds members to be active every day, to make good food choices, and to work towards a positive mental and emotional state. The club continues to define what wellness means to the staff and the members.

Tammy believes wellness means being the best that you can be at any age. It means aging well, not just aging or getting older. It means being healthy enough to do the things that you love, whatever that is… playing bridge, having lunch with friends, walking, taking classes, working out, volunteering.

And finally, it means being able to play golf and tennis well into your 80’s. It is a concept that is not only practiced in Fitness but in all areas of the club.


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Tammy Mugavero is a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who began her professional career in 1992 with Lee

Memorial Health System.

Tammy graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Physical Education with an emphasis in Athletic Training and continued on to the University of Arizona where she earned an MS degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a concentration in Athletic Training.