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Robin Boretti —

PGA/LPGA Head Golf Professional

Robin Boretti teamed up with Nadine Moody the Fitness Director on the “Walk with the Professionals” Program.

The program has taken off this last year and is a fantastic way for our members to understand the correlation between their golf experience and the need for specific fitness related exercises.

The program takes a group of members on a two hour walk on the golf course. Each hole provides a venue for introducing a different golf specific exercise in which the group forms a circle and performs the directed move. Robin explains the relationship and importance that this practiced move has when working with the golf swing.

As the group continues to walk the hole, a golf related topic is disclosed. The discussion may be on a USGA Rule of Golf, a form of golf etiquette, a golf course management thought, (where to line up on the tee box if you commonly hit a slice), or instructional information specifically pertaining to short game techniques. The program walks as many holes as they can within the two-hour span, typically 6 to 8 holes.

The program is very inter-active and allows participants to not only demonstrate the exercises and swing techniques, but to ask as many questions as they would like. All ages and genders are welcome to sign up for these sessions.

This is only one of the many positive influences Robin has had in creating an awareness of wellness at The Club at Ibis.




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Robin Boretti is in her 23rd year at The Club at Ibis. She is a PGA member and a Class A member of the LPGA Teaching Division.

Robin has been recognized as one of the top 50 women instructors by Golf for Women Magazine, as well as being nominated for LPGA Professional of the Year, LPGA Teacher of the Year and SFPGA Teacher of the Year. She was also nominated for the PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award which is awarded to an individual who displays outstanding integrity, character and leadership through a commitment to mentoring and making significant impacts on the career of PGA Professionals. Robin and her husband Mark have 2 children and live in Wellington Florida.