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of the fountaingrove club

santa rosa, ca

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Ron banaszak —

Chief operating officer

The Sonoma Fire of 2017 destroyed the Fountaingrove Clubhouse and the re-building of the Fountaingrove Club will not be accomplished without the dedicated effort to build the entire Fountaingrove community. Working together with the current and future residents, Fountaingrove businesses and employees, and the homeowner’s associations, we will be able to create a very special place for all, a Club of the Future.

Fountaingrove is blessed with being a truly beautiful and creatively developed area, and now as the Club creates a “third place” for people to enhance their quality of life through learning about health and wellness, the Club will organically become the center of the Fountaingrove community.

A large part of the community building is currently centered around the Athletic Center and being a leader in the area of health and wellness. The Club is much more than tennis, golf, aquatics and athletics. The Club is a melting pot of all ages, fitness levels and athletic desires, bringing to it, a true desire for people to accumulate around their passion: sport and fitness. A community needs a place for people to gather, socialize, network and simply be with others that share their passions. A Club is the place for this to occur, and it should take place in an environment that is family friendly, fun, and entertaining.


Ron is an educator and mentoring theme leader that works with the ideas of management and the executive team to complete the vision of the organization.

Clearly defined goals and Key Performance Indicators are important to help track the goals that are fundamentally important to the success of the implementation of the goal and Ron uses his leadership skills to help others in the organization and within the community.

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The experts at The National Club Association and McMahon Group state that fitness is transitioning from a subculture of passionate enthusiasts to a mainstream lifestyle.

The fitness culture will grow stronger as apparel, fitness-centered social experiences and food menus become more health focused. We see this shift in fitness culture to include all of the offerings of the Club, including tennis, golf, aquatics and athletics. This is how we build the Club of the future.

Combine this fitness shift with the clubs interest in being as “green” as possible and incorporating into the facilities master plan a community vegetable garden, producing solar power for the buildings and electrical vehicle charging stations, composting, recycling, reclaiming rain water, sourcing organic food and beverages locally, and so many more environmentally friendly initiatives.

In conclusion, The Fountaingrove Club is dedicated and excited to work with the local community to build a place that everyone wants to be a part of. As we build the clubhouse and other facilities, a clear vision on creating the club

of the future is at the forefront.