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john mccranie

from cat cay yacht club

cat cay Bahamas

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John has been a club leader for 32 years and

is currently the Island Manager/COO of the Cat Cay Yacht Club, located on the island of Cat Cay, in the Bahamas.

Previously John was with the historic Florida Yacht Club and the Alfred I. DuPont estate of Epping Forest Yacht Club. John remains an active member of the CMAA where he had served as Education Chair for the Florida Chapter.

One of John’s passions is guiding Private Club’s and their staff to reach their full potential.

John and his wife Jana have lived on the island for the last 6 years.

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The Cat Cay Yacht Club enjoys a very special relationship between the members and the staff, THEY LOVE AND ADORE ONE ANOTHER!

In every annual member survey, the members of the Club have rated the Cat Cay staff members as the single most important part of their Club experience. For this reason, the Club and the Cat Cay Medical Foundation engaged Rick Ladendorf and Prevo Health for the purpose of creating and implementing a Workplace Wellness program for our beloved staff.

The comprehensive program was designed to address the specific health challenges of the Club’s native Bahamian staff. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are all common health concerns in the Bahamian population.

Not surprisingly, one of John’s passions is guiding Private Club’s and their staff to reach their full potential, which has been playing out for over two years at Cat Cay.

A highlight in his career included being responsible for developing and implementing the F&B training programs that were instrumental in garnering the coveted AAA 5 Diamond Award for the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club.

The Clinic, which is a 501C3 Foundation dedicated time and onsite physicians to monitor the staff in the program. Dr. David Haskell volunteered as the dedicated physician, and body composition equipment was purchased to help the staff and physicians measure body mass and other critical metrics. An employee gym was built and stocked with the latest cardio and weight training equipment.

Prevo Health created health immersion programs with health coaches specializing in diabetic education and nutrition and healthy cooking classes were instituted. Team sports began to be well attended and many different groups of staff members became engaged in their own exercise programs.

Additionally, water aerobics, yoga, TRX, and cross-fitness classes were used to enhance the exercise options.

Staff members were delighted to see the level of commitment from the Club and its wellness partners. Those that choose to engage were wildly successful. One particular Wellness Warrior lost over 100 pounds and has a new found passion for fitness and for inspiring her fellow employees and family members to take charge of their health and their life.


john mccranie

island manager