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Robert sereci


medinah country Club

medinah, IL

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27 years ago, Robert entered the hospitality field with a genuine desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives; both the people he serves and those he leads. Robert sees himself as a community builder within the club industry.

Robert was GM of The American Club in Hong Kong, a 3000-member club founded in 1925. He has been COO of Northwood Club, Gaillardia Country Club, Assistant GM at Cherokee T&CC and the Jonathan Club.

Robert holds a degree

in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Cal Poly Pomona and an

MBA from Georgia

State University.

robert sereci —

General Manager & Coo

Like many club managers, Robert Sereci, a passionate purpose driven leader is also passionate about building communities. My team and I want to make Medinah the new neighborhood. Along with golfing, members join Medinah because they want to be a part of a welcoming and thriving social community where they can experience dynamic shared experiences with other members and their families.

We are building a community with a stream of experiences for all family members. The golf courses, like our farm-to-table idea and our food truck, represent things that create experiences that will amplify our neighborhood. Building community is why we do what we do, and these new amenities help support that vision in a unique, wholesome, and family oriented way.

Case in point, Medinah’s newly built chicken coop houses 40 hens, which were hatched on the premises. Specimens were thoughtfully chosen to represent unique and different varieties. In the organic garden, 45 raised beds were planted with 20 varieties of savory herbs for garnishes, 34 different fruits and vegetables, and six varieties of fragrant and edible flowers. Our fruits are used to enhance our cocktails, and our home-grown vegetables and fresh herbs are used for special selections in the "Garden Menu." We envision building a greater number of garden beds in the spring.

We have named the chicken coop and garden Meacham's Garden, tying it to one of the original land owners.

Maple Syrup is already being crafted from sugar maple trees on the courses, which we are including under the Meacham's Garden brand. This fall, we are planning to incorporate our very own bee colony to harvest our own honey and to help with pollinating our garden.

While we did build the coop to raise hens, the garden and the coop represent so much more than that. At first, it may be difficult reconciling the farm-to-table concept in a golf centric club like Medinah, but the hens and the garden have a role in growing a homey, nurturing, comforting, and intimate community.


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