PASSION : Magazine March/April 2018 Issue - Page 3

Rick Ladendorf

Founder & President

Prevo Health Solutions, Executive Producer of the America's Healthiest Clubs and Founder of the

Wellness Project.

Vision without Action is a Daydream.

Action without Vision is a Nightmare.

Please take a moment to let the headline sink in before reading the rest of this issue.

Profound, right?

Most club’s Vision and Mission Statements sounds pretty much the same…premier club, exceptional golf, dining, health & fitness, fun, comradery, social connections, bla. bla, bla.

Sounds great, but we all know, these words are meaningless without great leadership to define the vision, align the team, create a plan, take action and most importantly execute the vision.

On the other hand, taking action without a vision is a nightmare as nothing gets done.

This Special Edition exclusively features General Managers - all of which have demonstrated a true passion for wellness, or as I like to say, an appreciation for lifestyle management.

The award winners all demonstrate a commitment to a purpose, one that is unique to the club and provides clarity.

While we have received hundreds of nominations from different departments, very few of the nominees are general managers. Reason being, GM’s are typically the nominees, and in most cases, rarely nominate themselves for the PASSION Award, so we decided to do it for them.

On a personal note, I am blessed to know each of the Award Winners personally and over the years have observed their continuous dedication and selfless contributions to helping members, staff and the community live healthier and happier lives.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate each of the winners and for sharing their stories and best-practices with the industry.

Thank you for your feedback. Overwhelmingly, we hear PASSION is quick & easy to read, contains relevant links, videos, rotating photos and best of all the links to each of the winners (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, email and phone).

We encourage you to reach out and congratulate the award winners.

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