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Earning the Impact Award designation is quite an honor, we are humbled. Our work has never about me but about us: I report to a 14, 11 and 9 year-old, so having an Impact on them and community is top of my mind and the priority of our company mission.

My professional goal is to make connections, bonds and raise social consciousness. To achieve this goal, I made the healthiest beverage in the country, period. Our line of beverages was spawned at our dinner table by my young son (namesake, Kevin) who would prefer to take on a UFC match rather than eat one piece of broccoli (sound familiar, fellow parents?). So I told my wife I was going to make the healthiest beverage in the country to ensure that my son, and others, received their daily vitamins,minerals, fiber and a low sugar dosage. And as you read, I did.

The last two years since we launched have had amazing twists and turns, ups and downs .... you know, the typical start-up drama, tribulations, successes and setbacks. Yet, with all my years and experience, I am lead by my sense of humor and and a deep passion that burns for this assignment like no other. Through this awesome journey, events have "happened", like being in this periodical. I didn't chase it or ask for it, it's all happening for a reason.

This May FrUve earned placement on the coveted shelves of Walmart. We have lots of work to do to educate America about the debilitating health effects of sugar. Through FrUve we are committed to changing and improving lives, one sip at a time. Furve is a gateway beverage to Health & Wellness.: with each bottle delivering 15 servings of Fruits and Vegetables. Yes, you read this correctly.

Finally, we never set out to reach The Healthiest Clubs forum with The Healthiest Beverage; it just happened. Some may call it fate, most say, thank you for calling, we love your product. If you would like to learn how we can work together, we are interested. Please email


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