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Craig Marshall began as a child actor in Hollywood, graduated from USC Film School & then became a yoga monk with Self-Realization Fellowship,

living in a monastery for 35 years.

Today, Craig is a sought after public speaker, personal & business consultant and co-author of the book, The Next You.

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mentor, coach & Speaker

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inspired empowerer

PASSION is happy to recognize a unique thought leader in the hospitality industry, one who (believe it or not) was a yoga monk for 35 years!

Craig Marshall now teaches mindfulness practices to private club members, staffs and GM’s to help them deal with stress, life-balance issues and how to resolve personal conflicts.

As a monk, Craig lectured around the world and was a mentor to Steve Jobs, fashion icon Fred Segal and Beatle George Harrison.

Craig has conducted staff training programs that focused on challenges that all of us in the service industry face daily: demanding schedules, discriminating clients, and how to respond to change.

General Manager/COO of the Jonathan Club, Matthew Allnatt, said of Craig, “100% of people in the club industry need to hear this message.”

Rick Ladendorf, publisher of PASSION explains, “I’ve worked with Craig as a personal coach, and I have experienced his inspired and intuitive direction. He helped me achieve a clarity and creative focus that have led to greater results without the “grind”, which is to me the ultimate win-win!”

Craig’s next book focuses on why we need to “un-learn” before we can learn. It describes a new way of living and shows how all of us can dump some old-school beliefs and step into new chapters of our personal and professional lives.

If you sometimes feel stuck and are ready to move forward in your career, check out Brother Craig. His YouTube viewers call him, “the real deal”, “a way pointer” and “the perfect guest speaker”.

Today, Craig is a Life-Purpose coach, public speaker, and officiates various ceremonies. Clients praise his sincerity, humor, and his ability to create a safe space where true transformation can take place. Working via telephone and Internet, Craig serves clients worldwide.

Craig’s book The Next You reflects his interest in personal growth.

He’s considered one of the most profound thought-leaders of our time. Craig’s coaching is often called “life-changing”. He has addressed groups as large as 7,000, and audiences are moved by his presence, wit, and ability to connect on a deep level.

The Vice-President of NBC Studios, who books inspirational speakers, said, “Craig is the best public speaker I ever heard.”