PASSION : Magazine March/April 2018 Issue - Page 12

mike gardner

of the bridgewater club

carmel, IN

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Mike Gardner —

General manager/COO

When it comes to wellness, it is an integral part of my life. Whether it's my personal desire to live healthier or an initiative within our club; wellness is a personal way of life. For the Club, wellness strategies are as important as golf, tennis and dining strategies.

What can sometimes be challenging is meeting the needs of a wide demographic that defines wellness in different ways.

To ensure the membership is being serviced properly, programs have to be focused on different segments. This can get even more challenging when some of the membership has no desire to live a healthy lifestyle. For those that do, we offer a wide variety of services.

Whether it is our “Be Activated” program, healthy menu options or employee awareness programs; the club is continually focused on offering a diverse number of programs.

In addition, the club just underwent the largest facility renovation project since it's opening 15 years ago and transformed the old fitness center into a new and vibrant facility that meets the current and future demands of the membership.

Working side by side with our Fitness Director Shelly Call was an extremely rewarding and enlightening task.

As for our F&B department,

last year we added fresh herbs and served them in the bar

and restaurant.

This year we are involving the membership, grounds maintenance team and the culinary team to establish a comprehensive garden. It will

be located adjacent to the Pub dining veranda and within close proximity of the kitchen.

This is primarily being spearheaded by our Executive Chef/Director of F&B Ron Duprat. Chef Ron is a new addition to the team but he has been committed to providing healthy dining options and conducting cooking classes with the goal of educating the membership on ways to enjoy healthier cooking options.


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Mike Gardner has 21 years as a Class A PGA Member and 9 years as a Certified Club Manager with the CMAA. Mike has been a Chief Operating Officer/General Manager for 22+ years and gives back through his volunteer work with the (CMAA) and has served on the Ohio Valley, Carolinas and Florida Chapter CMAA Board of Directors

Mike loves playing golf, skiing, going to the beach, traveling and spending time with his wife of 19 years, Sandy, and two beautiful children, Olivia (12) and Alex (8.)