PASSION : Magazine March/April 2018 Issue - Page 10

jim Schell

from the

venice golf & country club

Venice, FL

most creative



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My personal passions include agronomy, horiticulture, martial arts, sustainabilty, environmental stewardship, fine wines, health and fitness, and strategic planning.

Jim has a degree in law enforcement, business administration, and an MBA and is a speaker on Club sustainability topics.

Jim believes in hiring the best and then empower them to excel. He believes in life/work balance and his staff averages under 45 hours per week over the course of the year.

Jim is a member of the CMAA, International Wine Society, Bamboo Society, and ATA Tai Kwon Do.

jim schell —

general manager

Jim Schell has been providing superior member experience for over 30 years managing private country clubs. His intrinsic motivation comes from enabling members to having fun and live healthy and productive lives.

During his role as the General Manager, Venice Country Club has earned the Audubon Certified Sanctuary Status, GEO certification, America’s Healthiest Club certification, Sarasota County heathiest work place certification and Green Business certification.

Jim Schell is one of 14 founding members of the Wellness Project™,

a private club initiative focused on providing health & wellness solutions. Venice Country Club is also used frequently as a role model for government and business for sustainable practices.

Jim and his team created the “Venice U” program, a successful and robust member engagement lecture and programming series that engages members on an intellectual level.

This may be a group discussion on a topic in the "Great Decision Series", a member lecture on DNA sequencing, a member led nature walk, traveling to historic St. Augustine, listening to a lecture from a prominent artist, or listening to the Futurist speak about how society is changing.

These activities engage the brain and thoughts of our members. We will host many of these events and some will be off the property.

The common thread is the energy and engagement of our members and staff in learning within academic and professional circles. All of our Great Decision events were sold out this past year.

Additionally, Venice introduced it’s first ever "triathlon" where

30 members, age 70 or older, participated in a one day recreational event that included four laps in the pool, a short bike ride in the community and a short walk/run. Well attended and fun event for these silver sneakers.