Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XIV, Issue II Fall 2020 | Page 7

FOUNDATION NEWS Community Philanthropist Inspires with Support The PHSC Foundation was fortunate to have Muralidhar K. Acharya, M.D., attend a recent Foundation Board meeting. The local physician is the founder and president of Renal Hypertension Center. He addressed the Board and explained his philanthropic philosophy and what drives him to support the community. In memory of his father, Kalmanje Hari Achar, Dr. Acharya recently provided a $250,000 donation to the PHSC Foundation. The gift was directed toward expanding opportunities for PHSC nursing students. Acharya has great respect for the nursing profession. “Nurses bring three words to mind—compassion, comfort and care. Service of the suffering, alleviating physical and emotional pain are second nature. Nurses have the gift of love they dispense without prescription. They are there at your bedside when you need them. The sacrifices made by a nurse are noble and worthy because a life is touched, a kind word is spoken, and pain is pacified every day in service of others,” stated Acharya. Dr. Acharya learned his philosophy of compassion and integrity through his father. His father taught him the core principles of life which include honesty, accountability, responsibility, and integrity—all principles he has applied every day in his clinical practice. “Dr. Acharya’s gift to the College displays his love for the community and desire to inspire others to give back. We are fortunate to have his support and generous donation to our nursing program at PHSC,” said Lisa Richardson, Ed.D., Executive Director of the PHSC Foundation. Nurses bring three words to mind— compassion, comfort and care. Muralidhar K. Acharya, M.D. FALL 2020 5