Pasco-Hernando State College Volume XIV, Issue II Fall 2020 | Page 23

I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it, and that summer I made about 10 different stained glass art pieces.” Laubach created a stained-glass window birthday present for co-teacher Lydia Massias, Ed.D., Professor of Nursing. Massias suggested Laubach create one for PHSC. Inspired by the PHSC seal that features a tree, Laubach and her husband worked more than 100 hours to create ‘Sprout and Grow Where You Are Planted’ that was gifted to PHSC Porter Campus. VickieAnn designs, selects colors, cuts and grinds glass, while Art does soldering and cementing. Blood, sweat, tears and antibiotics were involved in crafting the custom stained glass window. Laubach shed blood from many finger cuts while cutting and grinding glass. “I didn’t realize you get cut A LOT when I began doing stained glass I wear Band-aids on every finger, which doesn’t always help,” said Laubach. The sweat comes while working in her garage with no air conditioning in summer when she is not teaching. There is math involved in cutting stained glass especially when there are curves. She went on to say that tears from frustration when a piece doesn’t fit correctly are not uncommon. Antibiotics came into play when she cut her leg on an old iron bed frame in her garage, and like a nurse, she cleaned it and kept working. “About a week later, I noticed swelling, warmth and blisters where the cut had healed—classic cellulitis,” said Laubach. “After a quick trip to urgent care for antibiotics, I was back working on the stained glass window!” The finished window was hung at the Porter Campus in fall 2019. As sunlight shines through the piece, the colored leaves representing degrees conferred to PHSC graduates can be seen. The letters PHSC are proudly displayed in the black and gold school colors. Inscribed on the window’s interior is the simple statement: ‘Sprout and Grow Where You Are Planted.’ According to Laubach, “It is a joy to be a small part of the ‘sprouting’ of learning and watching our students grow at PHSC.” Sprout and Grow Where You Are Planted showcases the tree from the PHSC seal. FALL 2020 21