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Why do parrots live so long ?


Arrots are the longest-lived order of birds : cockatoos and Amazonian parrots can reach the age of 75 or older . Even budgerigars live for 15-25 years , which is an exceptionally long life for such small animals . The reason for this is that they have few predators and are often colonial , so their chances of finding food are better . Species with lots of predators can ’ t expect to escape being eaten for more than a few years . So they evolve to reproduce as quickly as possible , and in large numbers . This takes a lot of metabolic resources out of the adults , and they are more likely to die shortly after breeding . Even more importantly , genetic mutations that might cause disability or disease later in life don ’ t have any effect on natural selection because those individuals have already reproduced . This means mutations of this sort tend to accumulate in the species , and so its maximum natural lifespan will tend to shorten . Rescues : sciencefocus . com /

Where do Parrots Live ?


Arrots can live in rain forests , and the Grey parrot lives in West Africa , along the Ivory Coast . They usually stay in the forests , but can live in the mountains . Look here for more . Recourse : answers . ask . com / science / nature