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The beautiful colors of parrots

T he Rainforest Parrot is the most colorful bird in the rainforests . It is both a plant eater and a meat eater . It is beautifully colorful with bold colors of red , green , black , white and blue . Found in the tree top layer of the forests where it flaps around leading an interesting life . There are many different species of Rainforest Parrot , yet they are a distinctive group of birds that everyone recognizes . Rainforest Parrots are popular due to their beautiful , colorful plumage and interesting behavior .

Life of parrots


He Parrot group also includes cockatoos , Lorikeets , Rosella , parakeets , macaws and lovebirds . Rainforest Parrots have adapted to living in the rainforests and even on savannahs and mountains . Rainforest Parrots feed on seeds , fruits , roots , nectar , fungi and woodburrowing insects Rainforest Parrots are a nocturnal species which means they sleep during the day and are awake at the night time . Rainforest Parrots are also most recognizable by the well-developed beak . A large hookshaped , down- curved top beak over a smaller up-curved lower beak . They have a broad skull with a large brain case , which constitutes towards their intelligence . Most parrots like to talk and mimic sounds and phrases Parrots , unlike most other birds , do not build nests . They raise their young in tree hollows or excavate holes in banks , cliff faces or termite mounds . Parrots have a highly sociable nature and can make wonderful , funny , amusing pets . Rainforest Parrots include the Scarlet Macaw , the Blue and Yellow Macaw , the Great Green Macaw , the Military Macaw and the Mealy Parrot . Use the menu at the top of the page or click on a particular parrot to find out more about each species .
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