Parkman News October 2022 - Page 5

Curriculum & Instruction

From the Academic Office

Dear Families of En eld Public Schools ,
Your student ’ s Math and Reading instruction is supported using a variety of tools , one of which is i-Ready . Diagnostic testing and personalized learning using My Path enable students to demonstrate their learning . Teachers can then plan small group instruction to accelerate or enrich comprehension . Important information about i-Ready assessment and technologysupported learning includes :
· The i-Ready diagnostic assessment is administered three times per year .
· The diagnostic is adaptive and comprised of 66 questions , 33 at grade level or below , and 33 above grade level .
· Students are informed that they will be asked questions that they do not yet know how to answer and to focus on showing what they know . Asking a variety of levels of questions is how the diagnostic determines individual student ’ s strengths and areas of need .
· The diagnostics allow students , families , teachers , and administrators to track student progress over time and set personalized goals that will help students achieve their full potential .
My Path
· My Path is a personalized instruction tool that is driven by the results of the diagnostic assessment .
· Lessons related to the areas of need are determined by the diagnostic results and are organized in a logical progression that i-Ready calls My Path .
· Each lesson is presented to students though an interactive video with embedded guided practice and is assessed with a short quiz .
· As students continue through their Path , both students and educators are able to track progress that will drive future teaching and learning .
Questions about i-Ready should be directed to Jason LaMesa , K-12 Math Coordinator at jlamesa @ en eldschools . org and Adrienne Snow , K-12 Reading and Library Coordinator at