Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog yiğityolu-converted

Loli was very sad abaut Çıt çıt is sitvation .He is prepared for the race without notice to anyone on the other hand he support Çıt Çıt and he tryed to be by herside. Asel was very sad and fearfull . Both she caused Çıt Çıt’s in jury also they wouldn’t win the race with friends in the shelter. One day while he was working for race course suddenly he saw uncle . What was this? Friends who were on shelter come to support Çıt Çıt. Çıt Çıt and Asel started to cry. No langer Çıt Çıt didn’t feel pain in his leg. He was maintaining his exercise with Loli. On the race day Sare was looking for Loli.Asel was working for Çıt Çıt. Suddenly uncle Mustafa’s spice was heard.