Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog Yasein BAYRAKTAR ILIK

Sare says: I think Çıtçıt can live with us. You are friends and play a lot of games every time. So, you aren’t bored. My mother and father will be glad to hear it. Now, I must goto my home and tell it. They will be very happy. Sare goes near her mother and she tells her. Her mother,Aylin, says: I must speak with your father . I don’t decide alone. At night, they talk about Çıtçıt. But they don’t accept this idea. Aylin says Sare: I tell your father but we think it is impossible. Because you know we have a pet. We don’t take care of second one. Sare is very sad and begins to cry. Aylin continues to talk : But we have a good idea. We will deliver Çıtçıt to animal shelter.