Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog Sibel Güner

Asel's desire to love the dog brings a great idea to Sare's mind. She finds out what social responsibility project she is planning to start with his family. When she returns home, she enthusiastically tells her mother how to do the project. First of all, she informs the municipality about the animals in the shelter. Then they decide to arrange for adopting the animals in the shelter. Dogs are brought from the shelter next to each stand in the fair and children who come next to the animals are allowed to love the animals. So both families will help for animals and by this way animals will be adopted by families. Sare’s mother loves this idea and they start the campaign from social media accounts. Then, together with Sare, they visit the neighbors and explain the project. In the meantime, the district headman also says that he will support the project. Sare’s father and Uncle Mustafa go to Mayor together. With the support of the mayor, care and cleaning of the animals in the shelter is done. Big day comes. On Saturday, stands are set up on the street and with cleaned animals, Çıt Çıt also is there. Mothers, fathers and children are excited. They love dogs and cats. Firstly, Labrador dog who lost his foot in a traffic accident is adopted. Then it comes the others. As Çıt Çıt is very old, he starts to think that he will not be the one to adopt him, but Uncle Mustafa from the district says that he wants to adopt Çıt Çıt. Çıt Çit is happy now. Totally 17 dogs and 19 cats are adopted during the fair.