Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog Pariah dog and Domestic dog Deniz Tekiner Tozduman

Pariah dog and Domestic dog One day little dog Loli goes out to playground.The little girl of the house,Sare has Loli.Loli is Sare’s only friend. Loli plays happily in the playground. Loli’s family takes care of her well and gives her the best dog food.Loli’s family gets her the best toys.While Loli is playing in the playground, she sees emaciatedÇıt Çıt in the playground.Loli excitedly runs to Çıt Çıt.Loli says Let’s play but Çıt Çıt is so tired to play agame with Loli because he doesn’t eat meal for days.Loli is sad and asks Çıt Çıt what can I do for you? Loli asks Do you have a home or an owner? Çt Çıt sadly says I haven’t a home or an owner. Loli asks Why? Çı Çıt says In fact I had a home and they behaved me well I was always full.After I was older ,they didn’t want to take care of me and they left met o this playground.