Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog NURSEVCAN DOĞRU

They want the boy tell them the details of the competition. There is also a phone number on the brochure. The ones who want to participate in can call that number. Asel goes home and tells Uncle Mustafa- her grandfather everything. They apply for the competition and they give a start for the preparations of the competition. They prepare a big parkour in the garden. It takes one and half day. They know that they shouldn’t waste their time, they work hard day by day. Çıt Çıt works so hard and while trying to roll, he sprains his leg. They go to a vet immediately. The vet Marco examines Çıt Çıt and tell them the situation. Asel feels very bad and begins to cry. She feels guilty. Marco comes near them and says: there is nothing to worry about. Çıt Çıt needs a plaster. I am going to write a prescription and tell you how to use the medicine. You will give these to Çıt Çıt every three hours and if you use them regularly he will be better in a few days. When Asel learns that, she gets a bit more relaxed. While they are back home, they see some other dogs and their owners. Suddenly they feel miserable and ask each other; what if we lose and can’t donate anything to the shelter? Çıt Çıt understands them and barks with a soft voice trying to tell ‘we can do it. If we keep working without tiring ourselves, we can do our best.’ That feeling encourages everybody. They practice one hour and have rest for a half hour. After long hours Çıt Çıt’s leg aches so they stop exercising. The following day they do nothing. They go to the vet for a check. He takes off the plaster. Çıt Çıt begins to run to exercise more because there are just a few days left for the big day. Suddenly a question confuses Çıt Çıt; is Loli ready for the competititon?