Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog NURCAN SATI

THE RACE HAS STARTED They are all counting down with great excitment for the big race as it is a real chance to help the poor animals in the shelter. There is a big crowd gathered to watch the contest . Both Loli and Çıt Çıt have the same ambition to win and to help their friends. In the first part of the competion, there is a race in which all the dogs are supposed to run. All the dogs are waiting at the starting line and ready to run and they begin to run with the referee’s signal. The crowd is shouting for their favourite dog, and unfortunately, some of the dogs are breathless as they have tried hard and they can’t go on any longer. The dog called Maxi is about to come first but in the last minute Loli and Çıt Çıt manage to pass him, and now Loli is approaching the finishing line but he, on purpose, allows his best friend Çıt Çıt to win the race and slightly slows down. As expected, Çıt Çıt wins the race. His heart beats so fast with excitement and happiness as, at last, he would be able to get the money to help his friends that have the same destiny by being left by their owners when they get old. It is now time to change everything. He goes to near Asel and there, he sees Sare with Loli. Loli congratulates Çıt Çıt for his success and they all together go to the exit. But, Çıt Çıt is shocked at the exit gate because, to his surprise, he sees his previous owner who left him when he grew old.