Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog DİLAY EROĞLU - TÜRDÜ 100. YIL ORTAOKULU

The director was waiting for them. He greeted them with great happiness. He gently stroked Çıt Çıt’s head and Çıt Çıt wagged its tail with all sweetness. Director said ‘It’s very nice to see you again. We are so greatful for your supports. Thanks to you all animals in the shelter have a chance to live in good conditions . You are all real animal lovers’’. Asel said It’s great pleasure for us.We love all animals. Not only the animals in the shelter,other animals also have a right to live in good conditions. Some animals are sick in the shelter and other stray animals as well. They are injured and need more medical treatment , so ıt would be great to build an animal hospital. We can use this donation for it. Director : That sounds great but the donation isn’t enough to build an animal hospital. We have lots of money here but we need a little more. They all became silent and thought about what they could do.Suddenly someone knocked the door and an elegant-good looking man entered the room.’’Who was that man?’’