Pariah Dog and Domestic Dog ARZU GÜRAĞAÇ PART4

Sare feels terrible but says I understand you mom but before delivering it to animal shelter I want to see its conditions. At the weekend they go to animal shelter. While they’ re going to animal shelter Sare is in complicated feelings. She feels excited to see a lot of animals but on the other hand she is anxious . After a long way they arrived there . In the animal shelter there are too many animas in poor condition . Some of them are hungry and the others are thirsty .Sare and her family shocked when they see shelter and they seach for charged person .Sare ‘s father Ahmet fınd hım but there is only one old charged person . Ahmet asks : Do you work alone here? Charged person:Yes I work here alone . I try to take care this all animals alone. Ahmet says: Amimals don’t have food or water they looks terrible. Charged Person :I try to do best but shelter’s budget is so limited and food isn’t enough. Furthermore many people adopt them but they leave them into Street when they get older.So I take them and try to care them but ı cannot do good enough .At that moment Sare and her family think that they have to start social responsiblity project . They leave from shelter and when they get home they talk about poor animals in animal shelter .They decide to talk and cooperate with their friends . In the next morning while they are having breakfast Sare ‘s mom and Dad explain their decision and They allow staying Çıt Çıt with them.Sare screams happly and hugs and kisses her mom and dad. One week later Sare and her dogs go to park and they play happly . While they are playing happly One little girl ,Asel ,comes near them and asks: May I love your dogs ? They are so cute. Sare answers:Of course you may love them. Asel says you are so lucky to have two beautiful dogs. I wish I have a dog ….