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CF investigations have limitations and are appropriate for only relatively minor issues.

A CFI cannot strip a parent of all parenting rights

6 spring 2017 PSG

1. Understand the CFI mandate

Some parents are under the impression that the CFI could, with one stroke of his/her pen, strip a parent of all parenting rights. While technically this is possible in extreme cases of neglect or abuse, the mandate of the CFI restricts him/her to only making relatively minor adjustments to an order. Additionally, the CFI is merely an advisor making recommendations to the court through the CFI report. The decisions rest with the judge.

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Get the most out of

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Child and Family Investigator (CFI) is a mental health professional that is appointed by a court to look into particular parenting issues.  The child and family investigation is typically brief and usually consists of background checks, interviews with the

relevant parties, home visits and phone interviews with additional individuals who might help with the investigation.

Child and family investigations tend to be extremely stressful for all parties involved because they are usually ordered by a judge when the parties are unsuccessful in resolving issues using less adversarial approaches (e.g., mediation).

My aim is to address some of the confusion that is often associated with child and family investigations, as well as to offer advice to parents who are about to undergo one.

by Patrick Monnier