Parent Survival Guide Parent Survival Guide Issue 02 (Spring) - Page 19

What has it meant to you to live the best life you can?

What achievements of yours should you be proud of?

How did you become a parent, and how did it feel?

What have you learned from your chil(ren), and how?

What do you hope to teach them?

What impact have your child(ren) had on your life?

How have you demonstrated your commitment to your child(ren)

What are the areas where you aim to grow to be a better parent?

spring 2017 PSG 19

You can probably fill a page with that story without having to think.

But please don’t.

We have a greater task for you today.

Today, we invite you to write your story about you. Your truth about yourself, as a human being and as a parent.

Carve out some protected time for yourself. Perhaps go out in nature or settle in with a cup of tea. Now, use these questions as prompts and start writing. If this feels a bit overwhelming, aim for just a page.

Once you have your story, please read it to yourself when those other stories storm into your day. Read it out loud to silence the doubt, to remind yourself, on the cellular level, why you are in this fight.

And now, to the even more important part of your story.

Transport yourself into a day in your future when you are living the life you truly want. The life that would make everything thus far worth it.

Describe that day.

What is it like once the bad things that used to drag me down are no longer happening?

Where am I and what am I doing?

What impact am I having in the world?

Who is around me, loving, supporting and celebrating with me?

How are my children doing, and what is our relationship like?

What ends up on paper is a pure reflection of your heart’s desires, and it is the essence of your story, stripped off other people’s opinions. We encourage you to read it out loud to yourself as a form of meditation, as a way of setting intention for your life, intention that is free of vanity and full of latent potential for your life.

If you ever think your story is silly, that is because the other voices have gained too much power in your mind. Shouldn’t you, not those who seek to destroy you, have the ultimate authority of what your life is worth?

Other people can help themselves to sealing your destiny, but the final say, the only version of the story that matters, rests with you.

Cherish your story. Proclaim it to yourself. Let the power of what your intent represents restore, uplift and mobilize you.

There is an amazing future, it is incomplete without you, without the story of how you got here and the story of what drives your soul. You deserve to play your part.

What is it like to have nothing drag you down?