Parent Survival Guide Parent Survival Guide Issue 02 (Spring) - Page 14

Wondering what adventures you could embark on with your child(ren) this spring? Try these ideas, both requiring little to no expense.


Ideas for spring

There are plenty of stories to captivate you both.

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A good book

Many kids frown upon books these days, but a rare few can stay away from a good story. There are books – and book series – to captivate you both, just check your local library’s website (or librarian) for recommendations. To hit a couple of birds with one stone, why not read along with the school program? Find out what books your kid(s) will read during quarter four and get a head start, your library will have them so you save money, and you may also help your kid(s) value literature as more than just an assignment. Trust that you will not be (re)reading the school curriculum: we aren’t really ready to appreciate it the first time around.

Once parallel-reading, here is a discussion guide to help you start to engage with your kid(s); adjust according to your child(ren)’s age:

• What do you think will happen next?

• What is most fascinating/disappointing?

• What do(n’t) you like about, or have in common with the main character?

• Are any of your friends facing similar challenges?

What is different (rules, expectations, trends) between the world of the

book and your world?